Muthiah James

Muthiah James

I am from India but have lived in Dunedin for 15 years. I am employed by the Church of Christ Community to run the Space2B lunchtime programme and the Friday evening Drop-in Centre for disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

I am standing for the council and my election goals are

Clean and Green Dunedin. It is a positive climate change initiative and to create a liveable city for the future generation. It is a collective responsibility of the government, council and the community to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C.

Affordable Rates. Keeping the rates increase within the limit of 5%. More people are moving in to fixed income every year. As per the census of 2018, 20,800 people are in 65 years plus category and every year 1600 people are moving in to this category

Limit the Debt. I will try to reduce debt and limit borrowing as far as possible by spending the money that is essential things for this city.

Economic Growth. I want to promote economic growth in Tourism, Sports, Arts and Culture. These are the industries which have contributed millions of dollars to Dunedin GDP and created job opportunities.

Public Engagement. I can engage well with the people to understand their ideas and opinions and reflect this knowledge in decision making.

Job Opportunities.  I want to create job opportunities working along with economic development unit in new identified areas.

To Build a Safe Family Friendly City. Inclusive of disabled people, people from different culture and religion, rainbow community and etc.