Dave Hanan

Dave Hanan

I am environmental and civil engineer with a science background

I have skills that is needed around the Council table.

My goal has always been to make a difference in whatever I do.

I am hard working, persistent, have energy and focus.

I stand on a platform of quality town planning embracing our heritage values through inner city revitalisationI have an interest in social housing and I seek to build quality, efficiently built homes at low cost.

I want the buses controlled by the DCC not the ORC so that the city can readily respond to community needs

I want to see quality investment in infrastructure

I will be an advocate for the hospital to be built by local contractors

I want to keep Green island Landfill as long as possible

  • To undertake an environmentally friendly and economically efficient recycling system
  • Stop exporting our plastic 3-7 rubbish to Malaysia through third party traders

Planning I want to be part of a good looking vibrant city


  • Committed to quality town planning & design, in keeping with broader heritage values. Backs projects that enhance the city & employ local tradies (e.g., 5-star hotel in former Security Building).

Contaminated land management

  • Contain the Tar Tank Hillside road on of NZs most contaminated sites
  • Undertake a detailed site Investigation of Kettle Park

Social Housing – invest in more warm cost efficient affordable housing that is cost efficient to build

Council-Controlled Companies – get them back under control