Christine Garey

Christine Garey

I’m Christine Garey, standing for the Dunedin Mayoralty and Council.

I have 12 years’ experience in local government: three as community board chair and the past term serving as an effective, independent Dunedin City Councillor and as Deputy Chair, Economic Development with portfolios in tourism and international education. I’ve drawn on my wide professional background in education, tourism, business, the arts, and community advocacy.

These are exciting times, as Dunedin experiences a renaissance.  Our community is stronger and the positive vision for our city is like never before.  There is a significant commitment to invest in Dunedin, although there are certainly challenges ahead: climate change, infrastructure renewal, housing, transport, and managing growth.

I offer strong, capable, progressive leadership, and a collaborative approach. I’ll represent the city, nationally and internationally, upholding the mana of the office of Mayor; a leader you can be proud of.   I’ll serve with integrity, clear thinking, genuine care, courage and determination; taking the community with us.

I’m committed to serving the people of Dunedin as your next Mayor at this pivotal time in our city’s history. I ask for your no. 1 vote, Christine Garey for Mayor.

Key Policies:

♦    Strengthening communities - support community organisations to increase the connectedness and resilience of their communities for the wellbeing of our citizens

♦    Climate action – lead the way globally, as a city addressing climate change and the impacts on our people 

♦    Housing - improve the quality, availability and affordability of our housing stock 

♦   Transport – work collaboratively toward an integrated transport system that includes affordable and efficient bus transport, promotion of e-bikes to city commuters, completion of the Peninsula Connection and the city cycling network 

♦   Infrastructure Renewal - continue investment in infrastructure renewal across the city, including public/private projects 

♦   Managing growth – address the city’s ‘growing pains’ now Dunedin is a medium growth city, specifically: more land for housing, traffic congestion and parking issues, and the timing of large investment projects ahead

♦   Harbour edge development  - realise the potential of the city’s jewel in the crown, Otago Harbour, by protecting and further developing public access for recreational use, including swimming, fishing, and boating.