Why should people vote for me?

I am passionate about the city. I have strong skills in governance, promotions, media and business that would benefit Dunedin. I am a member of the Institute of Directors, Dunedin Rotary Club and the Otago Property    Investors Association and active in KUMA.

My professional career is varied. As a journalist I worked for daily and weekly newspapers, newswire services, edited magazines and was a columnist. During this time I regularly covered Council meetings so have a good understanding of Local Government. I have worked as a marketing manager in Wellington managing large budgets, staff and projects. As a contractor I    have worked on projects including the Christchurch rebuild, arts festivals and in the education sector.

I am passionate about startups and have a masters in entrepreneurial business. My iwi is Ngai Tahu. I am married with two children.

My main policies are:

1.Prioritise fixing or replacing old or at capacity infrastructure around our city. This is the storm water, waste water . We have a housing shortage and not having good infrastructure is holding back the city's    growth.

2.Create a one stop shop at Council where if you are building a house or doing a renovation or even organising an event you get appointed a case manager as your point of contact. This person finds out from other departments    what you need to do and answers your queries. This will save time and money.

3. Transport and parking are a major for our city. I think the Council was too hasty taking away a lot of carparks before having a good public transport    system to back it up. I would take away the cycle lanes on the SH, as it is    very dangerous for cyclists to cycle with 30,000 cars, and bring back the carparks along there and I would work with ORC to make buses cheaper and more frequent.

4. Help Dunedin become a World Health Organisation All Ages Friendly City.